Custom Mix Critique (Private Tutorial) by David (The Mix Academy)

Custom Mix Critique (Private Tutorial)

Your mix meets my ears and experience to help you deliver an incredible mix for your band, client, or personal project. 

Mix got you down?

Whether you're struggling to take a mix to the finish line or looking for very specific help for your current mixing level, my custom mix critique is designed to help you pin point not just areas of improvement for the mix you submit, but your mixing as a whole. 
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Courses are great! But...

I create courses and I stand behind their value. However, you just can't beat the kind of custom help that comes with an in-depth mix critique. We'll closely examine your low end, evaluate your use of shimmer plugins for your top end, and most importantly I'll take a magnifying glass to your mid range. We'll also delve into your use of effects, vocal mixing, compression, EQ, etc. Nothing is off limits! 
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What people are saying...

I received a mix critique from David yesterday. While complimentary in ways, he was very much the mix engineer finding what was less than complimentary to the rest of the mix. My revision post-critique is as rich a low end as I've ever created imo.

Thanks very much, David - I'm impressed with your ability to get right to the issues. And even more impressed that your solutions are the right ones.
John S.
Thank you SO MUCH for the feedback. I learned A LOT from watching the video. I have always referenced of course, but I always just dialed in the frequencies until it was close to the reference track. I’d never seen the technique you used in the critique before. Great idea!
Frank J.
Dear David—
I can’t thank you enough for your insights, advice, enthusiasm, and most of all, your time. I’ve been working in a vacuum, without anyone to bounce song ideas, much less frequency analysis off of. So thank you!

You’ve got a great demeanor, and are great at giving constructive criticism. I really appreciate that. (Being a teacher myself I know how important it is to give feedback that pushes someone to do better, without discouraging them.)
Eric R.
After your tutorials I started getting paid clients. I took 2 years of audio school at a community college and then 4 years at OSU studying recording engineering. I learned more from 1 of your tutorials than all 6 years combined!
Buy for $47


I want to take advantage of the sale price, but I'm not quite ready to submit my mix... Can I still purchase?

Yes! There's no rush to submit your mix for review. Feel free to jump on one of the open slots and schedule your critique when you're ready.

How long after I submit my critique will you have it back to me?

Great question! Most critiques are delivered within 72 hours. I'll begin the process the second you submit your mix by downloading and reviewing the file throughout my daily routine of mixing and parenting 7 kiddos. That will include listening in between sessions, while I'm in the car, and at night when I lay down to sleep. Once I've given a complete review and have established my notes, I'll record a private tutorial for your eyes only and deliver the mp4 to your inbox. 

How in depth is the critique?

Very! I dive deep as if I'm working on finishing the mix myself to provide you with a complete set of mix notes and mentorship to help take the song to the finish line. 

How long is the tutorial/critique?

Usually between 20-30 mins long. :)

What's included?

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