David Glenn's Exact Mix Template (All Genres) by David (The Mix Academy)

David Glenn's Exact Mix Template (All Genres)

Gain free instant access my exact mix template and multiple sets of resume approved multitracks today. Free for a limited time.

What's included?

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Mix Templates
David Glenn Pro Tools Mix Templates.zip
951 KB
DG Logic Pro X Mix Templates.zip
13.9 MB
David Glenn Studio One V3 Template .zip
113 KB
DG Cubase Template.cpr
1.59 MB
27.9 KB
DG FL Studio Mix Template.zip
3.3 MB
Free Multitracks [Resume Approved]
Disciple of the King - Sometimes Y [Client Files at 85 bpm].zip
163 MB
Jeris Cole - Chosen [Multitracks].zip
478 MB
Priime - Lil Bit Longer [Client Files at 88 BPM].zip
486 MB
Kristy James - Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Client Files at 75 bpm].zip
796 MB
Blanca Love Runs Out [Revised Multis 44.1_24].zip
497 MB
Ash Gale - Sing My Way [Client Files at 116 bpm].zip
1.21 GB