Drum Replacement Workshop by David Glenn (The Mix Academy)

Drum Replacement Workshop

Most modern music demands it. But even when the song isn't calling for overly hyped drum sounds, learning the art of blending and even replacing drums is a critical skill. In my latest course, I'll teach you everything you need to know about blending and replacing drums. ;)

The Ultimate Resource for Blending and Replacing Drums

No matter what genre I'm mixing I almost always resort to enhancing the drums with blending or even sometimes completely replacing the sounds. While these techniques tend to get a bad rap from purists, there's more to the art of using samples than just delivering a hyped or pristine drum sound free of bleed. Inside this course you'll not only learn the tips and tricks to make the most of using samples, but you'll also learn the critically important fundamentals that will ensure your drum mixing success on your next mix. 
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To Replace or Not to Replace

Not every mix needs samples. There... I said it! ;)

But. The flexibility and techniques I'll show you in the course will open your eyes to new and exciting creative abilities that will help you make your drums stand out against the norm. We'll break down all the good, the bad, and the ugly of using drum samples to give a balanced perspective so that you can decide how and when YOU use samples in your mixes.
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Phase // There's More Than You Might Think

Before we get to the fun stuff we need to understand the foundations of phase. You may have heard to just "flip the phase" as a remedy for weak sounding drums. While this may be a quick trick, it isn't the best we can do. I'll show you multiple examples of how phase shifts occur and give you the tools necessary to make the best decisions regarding phase for harder hitting drums. 
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Multiple Genres

There's no one size fits all approach to blending and replacing drum sounds. That's why I'm going to teach you the many methods for blending across multiple genres. From Pop to Rock, Hip Hop to Jazz, and everything in between, you'll learn the techniques to take your mixes to a brand new place almost immediately. 
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If you purchase today, you'll not only receive the full 3 hour course, but you'll also be given instant access to a complete mix breakdown from The Mix Academy. Be a fly on the wall and see the entire process unfold before mixing the song yourself and using it to build your mixing resume. 
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What's included?

Video Icon 24 videos File Icon 4 files


Tutorials [Streaming]
DR Video 01 - To Replace or Not to Replace.mp4
16 mins
DR Video 02 - Common Misconception with Phase.mp4
11 mins
DR Video 03 - Phase and Live Drums.mp4
23 mins
DR Video 04 - Quick Kick Sample and Phase.mp4
10 mins
DR Video 05 - How Pitch and EQ Affect the Phase Relationship.mp4
10 mins
DR Video 06 - Quick Look at Popular Tools.mp4
12 mins
DR Video 07 - Steven Slate's Trigger 2.mp4
25 mins
DR Video 08 - Tips and Tricks When Replacing.mp4
16 mins
DR Video 09 - The Tom Trick.mp4
10 mins
DR Video 10 - Replacing Toms.mp4
5 mins
DR Video 11 - Cymbals.mp4
5 mins
DR Video 12 - Real World Examples [Rock].mp4
15 mins
DR Video 13 - Real World Examples [Pop or Hip Hop Kick].mp4
8 mins
DR Video 14 - Real World Examples [Pop Snare].mp4
5 mins
DR Video 15 - Real World Examples [Inexperienced Producer].mp4
3 mins
DR Video 16 - Real World Examples [Loop Trick].mp4
4 mins
DR Video 17 - Real World Examples [Sweet Snare Trick].mp4
6 mins
Bonus Course Downloads
Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Client Files at 75 bpm].zip
564 MB
Copy of Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Mix w SSL Plugs].zip
564 MB
Drum Replacement with David Glenn.zip
4.13 GB
Bonus Course Mixthru Tutorials
TMA April 2018 - Nobody's Gonna Make Me [STF Part 1].mp4
(1h 31m 25s)
TMA April 2018 - Nobody's Gonna Make Me [STF Part 2].mp4
(1h 08m 31s)
Bonus Course Track by Track Breakdown
01 Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Drum Processing].mp4
58 mins
02 Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Bass].mp4
10 mins
03 Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Guitars and Keys].mp4
35 mins
04 Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Vocals].mp4
30 mins
05 Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Buss Processing].mp4
14 mins
Bonus #2 Transient Drums Sample Pack
132 MB