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My Exact Mix Template

Yes. It's really free! You'll gain instant access to the exact Pro Tools mix template I use on every mix. If you don't use Pro Tools we've converted a copy for several major DAW's. 
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NEW! Song of the Month

Each month we'll release a new set of multitracks for you to download and mix for yourself. You'll see multiple genres and every single song we feature will be resume friendly. 
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FREE TRAINING: 10 Secrets to Professional Mixes and 6 Steps to 6 Figures
10 Secrets to Professional Mixes and 6 Steps to 6 Figures
(2h 04m 08s)
Current Song of the Month!
September 2020 Song of the Month: "Dreams" by Leadwolf
Leadwolf - Dreams -
779 MB
August 2020: "It's Not You" by Maxx Lucky
Song of the Month: "It's Not You" by Maxx Lucky
It's Not You [Client Files at 82 BPM].zip
712 MB
It's Not You [Drum Samples].zip
583 KB
It's Not You [DG Mix No Limiter]
56.8 MB
David Glenn's Top 10 // Favorite Songs from TMA (So far...)
Ash Gale - Sing My Way [Client Files at 116 bpm].zip
1.21 GB
Ash Gale - We Got the Fire [Client Files].zip
1.22 GB
Mixing Sam Rodriguez - Standing Tall [TMA Client Files at 105].zip
681 MB
Leadwolf - Dreams [TMA Client Files at 139 BPM].zip
770 MB
Vivire Ft. Evan Craft [Client Files].zip
786 MB
Priime - Lil Bit Longer [Client Files at 88 BPM].zip
486 MB
Mystery [Files for Mix at 110 bpm].zip
555 MB
Rewind [Files for Mix at 91 bpm].zip
380 MB
Kristy James - Nobody's Gonna Make Me [Client Files at 75 bpm].zip
796 MB
Fades Away [Client Files at 78 bpm].zip
954 MB
The Way That We Are [Client Files at bpm 100].zip
769 MB
Trust [Files for Mix at 107 bpm].zip
505 MB
Love Runs Out [TMA Tracks].zip
469 MB
Thanks for Breakfast- Client
524 MB
Chosen [Client Files].zip
550 MB
Indie Rock
Dare You to Move [Client Files].zip
532 MB
Everybody Needs Some Love [Client Files].zip
252 MB
Unbreakable [Multitracks].zip
636 MB
Security Measures [Client Files].zip
192 MB
Shipwrecks [Client Files].zip
818 MB
Hip Hop
Pablo - Vintage [Client Files].zip
460 MB
Aleluya Amen [Client Files at 75 BPM].zip
853 MB
Sometimes Y [Client Files at 85 bpm].zip
69.4 MB
My Supreme Being [Client Files].zip
406 MB
Pura Sal Ft. Zurdo y Funky [Client Files].zip
1.26 GB
Ofensivo [Client Files 98 bpm].zip
1.24 GB
Ruge 2.0 [Client Files].zip
281 MB
Gospel // CCM
Strong [Files for Mix at 95 bpm].zip
825 MB
Jesus Is [Files for Mix at 72 bpm (C)].zip
804 MB
363 MB
No Greater Love [Client Files Prepped].zip
737 MB
Jeremy Rosado - Save Me [Client Files].zip
1.11 GB
Plug-in Presets
[Fab-Filter Pro-MB] Toms Buss
1.81 KB
David Glenn Toms Buss [Quick Look Tutorial]
4 mins
David Glenn's Mix Template
DG Pro Tools Mix
952 KB
DG Logic Pro X Mix
13.9 MB
S1 Template Instructions.txt
880 Bytes
S1 V3 Template Instructions // Discussion
DG S1 V3
110 KB
DG Cubase Template.cpr
1.59 MB
DG FL Studio Mix
3.3 MB
27.9 KB
Additional Mixing Resources
The Ultimate Mixing Checklist by David Glenn Recording.pdf
3.86 MB
How to Finish a Mix Checklist - with David Glenn.pdf
637 KB
10 Ways to Reference [PDF Checklist].pdf
47.9 KB
Mixing with David Glenn [Exclusive Tutorials]
03 My Approach to the Rough Mix
7 mins
04 Rough Mix Part I
46 mins
05 Rough Mix Part II
50 mins
06 Evalutating the Rough Mix
14 mins
13 Automation Tips and Tricks
22 mins

What People Are Saying

After David's tutorials, I started getting paid clients. I took 2 years of audio school at a community college and then 4 years at OSU doing recording engineering. I learned more from 1 of David's courses than all 6 years combined!
I've spent time at Full Sail, working along side of other engineers, and countless hours in multi-million dollar rooms. But my biggest wins were when I watched you mix. Something about your workflow just made it all click together.
Tom C.
I've bought 3 or 4 DG tutorials and they are all extremely informative. I highly recommend anything he puts out. Don't buy another plugin that won't help you, and spend your money on what matters most in mixing - your knowledge.
Sean D.
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