Mixing Acoustic Guitars with David Glenn by David Glenn (The Mix Academy)

Mixing Acoustic Guitars with David Glenn

Learn to fit any acoustic guitar into any mix. Over 2 1/2 hours of in-depth tutorials to help you take your mixes to the next level, today. 


As a mixer you shouldn't be spending long hours editing tracks. However, sometimes, a quick fix is necessary. I'm going to show you a few ways to fix big problems quickly so you can focus on what's most important, the mix. 
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Any good mix starts with a good arrangement. However, in my experience, most productions are not well arranged... 

In Mixing Acoustic Guitars we're going to dive deep into the art of arrangement, giving you the tools you need to deliver better sounding songs to your band and/or your clients.
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Cleaning a Poor Recording

Sadly, most of the acoustic guitar recordings we see as mixers lack direction. Worse than lacking direction, a lot of the recordings are poor and need help before we can even decide a direction to take the tone. Inside, I'll show you exactly how to handle these poor recordings and set you on the path to acoustic guitar tones that you can feature with pride instead of hiding low in a mix. 
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EQ and Compression

The meat and potatoes of this course! 

You're going to learn the varying sonic directions you can take an acoustic guitar and how to decide which direction is fitting for any given section of the song. 

As for compression... I'm going to teach you:

  • How to use compression
  • Why you may or may not need compression
  • Stylistic techniques with compression
  • How to lock in an acoustic guitar to any mix without sounding lifeless and overcompressed
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You'll learn to not only shape the tone of any acoustic guitar, but I'll also teach you how to use effects such as saturation, modulation, and reverb, to make the acoustic guitar come alive in the mix. Inside the course you'll discover how to bring the guitar forward or tuck it back nicely in the mix.
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The Dreaded D.I. Acoustic Guitar

One of my personal pet peeves that I see echoed from most of my professional colleagues is receiving a D.I. acoustic guitar to mix. 

My belief is that DI acoustics were not meant to be used on records, however, the next time you're presented with a DI you'll know exactly what to do. I'll help you turn the nastiest of DI recordings into something useable in a mix. 

Heard the saying? "You can't polish a turd... but you can spray paint it and roll it in glitter!". 

I'll show you how to spray paint and roll the DI in glitter. ;)
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Launch Bonus: Mixing "Fades Away" with David Glenn

If you purchase Mixing Acoustic Guitars during the launch period you'll also receive a complete mixing course featuring the same multitracks from the course. You'll be a fly on the wall as I mix the song from start to finish leaving no stone unturned. As a standard here at DGR and TMA the multitracks are RESUME APPROVED. Mix the song for yourself and use it to promote your business. 
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What's included?

Video Icon 17 videos File Icon 4 files


01 Welcome
5 mins
02 Editing
25 mins
03 Arrangement
7 mins
04 Arrangement Examples
13 mins
05 Cleaning a Poor Recording
15 mins
06 EQ and Compression
25 mins
07 High Strummy Acoustic
13 mins
08 EQ Chart
14 mins
09 Effects
21 mins
10 DI Disaster Relief
14 mins
Arrangement Direction Examples.zip
42.3 MB
DI Acoustic Example.zip
75.7 MB
Fades Away [Client Files at 78 bpm].zip
954 MB
Cruel Summer [Client Files at 90 bpm].zip
513 MB
Mixing "Fades Away" by Julius Bogren
TMA August 2018 - Fades Away [01 Drums]
56 mins
TMA August 2018 - Fades Away [02 Percussion]
28 mins
TMA August 2018 - Fades Away [03 Bass]
10 mins
TMA August 2018 - Fades Away [04 Guitars]
26 mins
TMA August 2018 - Fades Away [05 Keys]
11 mins
TMA August 2018 - Fades Away [06 Vocals]
17 mins
TMA August 2018 - Fades Away [07 Stereobuss]
14 mins


After David's tutorials, I started getting paid clients. I took 2 years of audio school at a community college and then 4 years at OSU doing recording engineering. I learned more from 1 of David's courses than all 6 years combined!
I've spent time at Full Sail, working along side of other engineers, and countless hours in multi-million dollar rooms. But my biggest wins were when I watched you mix. Something about your workflow just made it all click together.
Tom C.


What genre does this course apply to?

I built the course to help you across multiple genres. We'll cover the tools needed to shape a basic acoustic guitar tone, but we also dive into a wide range of tones that you can use in almost any genre. 

Do I need to use Pro Tools for this course to help me?

No way! All DAW's are welcome. 

While I do use Pro Tools, I teach mixing techniques not Pro Tools specific techniques. ;) 

Are there any multitracks or additional downloads included?

Always. I've included two sets of multitracks that you can use to practice mixing and use on your resume. The answer to that question here at DGR and TMA is always... Yes! :)