Mixing Leadwolf "Dreams" by The Mix Academy

Mixing Leadwolf "Dreams"

Be a fly on the wall as we break down an entire mix, leaving no stone unturned. You'll learn every plugin, process, and technique to help you achieve great results for your own mix of "Dreams" by Leadwolf. 

Establish a Vision

Upon opening the tracks you're going to learn how I established the vision for the mix. I'll break down some problems with the recordings and then show you exactly how I addressed them.
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Hard Hitting Drums

To replace or not to replace... Blend samples? Go all natural? The choice will be yours for your mix but I'm going to show you why I chose to blend/replace for this particular mix. I'll also show you some sweet tricks when establishing a drum mix that you can steal and use on your next mix.
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Bass // Low End

To my ear (and whoever recorded it), this bass needed some grit. The included fuzz bass line blends nicely but shaping the tones to fit in the track took some work. I'll show you every plugin and explain WHY I chose to process the bass the way that I did so you can apply the same techniques to your mix.
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Guitars and Synths

You'll learn how I shaped the guitars to feel full and powerful while getting rid of the harshness that didn't vibe well to my ear. We also have some synth tracks that needed some drastic moves to get on top of the mix. 
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The lyrics are at the heart of the song and the vocals convey the emotion nicely. I'll break down my vocal chain and show you (you guessed it) EVERYTHING I did to sit the lead and harmonies into the mix. 
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Stereobuss // Final Mix

Did I mention that you'll see everything I did to arrive at my final mix? Just checking... ;)

That includes the almighty stereobuss and all routing. While I tend to be light on the stereobuss nowadays there's still a place for processing and techniques that I think while subtle, will blow you away. 
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What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 2 files


Downloads // Multitracks
Leadwolf - Dreams [TMA Client Files at 139 BPM]
770 MB
Copy of Dreams [David Glenn PT Session].zip
1.32 GB
Mixing Leadwolf - Dreams [01 Intro and The End Goal]
10 mins
Mixing Leadwolf - Dreams [02 Drums]
(1h 01m 19s)
Mixing Leadwolf - Dreams [03 Bass]
15 mins
Mixing Leadwolf - Dreams [04 Guitars]
27 mins
Mixing Leadwolf - Dreams [05 Keys]
33 mins
Mixing Leadwolf - Dreams [06 Vocals]
19 mins
Mixing Leadwolf - Dreams [07 Lead Vocals]
32 mins