Mixing Low End [Workshop] by David Glenn (The Mix Academy)

Mixing Low End [Workshop]

Overcome your gear limitations and create a cohesive low end that shakes the speakers and fits the track today or your money back.


You'll learn several mixing techniques to help you achieve a solid low end even if your gear or room doesn't accurately reproduce the sub and low end frequencies.
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Get Your Low End Right EVERY. SINGLE. MIX.

You'll discover the techniques I use in every song I mix and begin to perfect the kick and bass relationship in each of your mixes as well. You'll also start to hear things in a whole new way which will lead to better and more efficient decision making.  
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The Kick

You're going to learn my go to techniques for getting the kick to fit with the bass as well as the overall track. We'll cover acoustic kicks and electronic/synthesis kicks. All genres are welcome! 
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The Bass (Electric, 808's, Synth Bass, etc.)

Perhaps mixing bass instruments is a mystery to you... If so, you'll love my techniques for getting the bass sound of your dreams. Whether you're after a deep sub heavy monstrous bass sound or a driving rock 'n roll bass, I've got you covered in this workshop.
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My Secret Sauce for Low End Mixing

You'll learn the technique that continues to save my butt mix after mix. The best part? It doesn't matter what speakers or headphones you use to mix, the brand or quality are irrelevant. I'm going to break down my strategies for taking a mix to the finish line day in and day out. 
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After David's tutorials, I started getting paid clients. I took 2 years of audio school at a community college and then 4 years at OSU doing recording engineering. I learned more from 1 of David's courses than all 6 years combined!
I've spent time at Full Sail, working along side of other engineers, and countless hours in multi-million dollar rooms. But my biggest wins were when I watched you mix. Something about your workflow just made it all click together.
Tom C.

100% Risk Free // 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident that this training will help you step up your mixing skills. If however, for any reason you feel that you haven’t improved in any way, I will issue an immediate refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

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About David Glenn

Hi, I'm David Glenn and I'm a professional mixer out of the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

It's been a crazy ride with over 20 years and more than 1 billion streams from my work in the industry. I'm passionate about helping you reach your goals in mixing and I've built The Mix Academy to do just that.


Am I going to need to purchase more gear for this course to help me?

Absolutely not! I will cover a breakdown of my gear but it's not to encourage you to go out and buy what I use. It's so that I can explain the WHY behind my personal gear choices. This is a very very small part of the workshop and while you may be turned on to some new pieces of kit, there is certainly no need to rush out and buy anything. I will teach you what you need to know so that you can use your current gear more effectively.

Is this course only for Pro Tools users?

No way! There's nothing in this course that is exclusive to Pro Tools. I just happen to choose Pro Tools as my DAW. But that may change soon... Haha

Do you provide any multitracks with this course?

This is a rarity, but there are no multitracks included with this particular workshop. However, I do provide a set of reference tracks for you to use and follow along as we break down the techniques throughout the workshop. 

Why only a 2 hour workshop when there's so much to learn about mixing low end?

Great question! 

There is a full course coming soon that will go into every single detail of low end mixing. 

This workshop (while in-depth in it's own right) is meant to give you the goods and deliver them fairly straight and to the point. 

The full course will cover the science, history, math, and ultimately the total box of tricks for mixing low end across most modern genres. 

If I purchase this workshop will I receive a discount on the full course once it drops?

Heck yes! You'll receive an email the day the full 6+ hour course drops that will include a special link giving you a special price for the whole shebang. ;)