Mixing Mentorship with David Glenn by David (The Mix Academy)

Mixing Mentorship with David Glenn

You don't have to go at this alone anymore. With my ears and years of experience and your custom mixing roadmap, we'll have your mixes sounding more professional or your money back.

Let Me Coach You to Your Best Mix Yet (only 6 spots remaining)

Put my ears and years of experience on your mixes and I'll help to de-mystify the process of mixing for you or you'll get your money back.

1. You complete a short questionnaire to help me see behind the curtain of your mixing setup. 
2. You'll gain instant access to my calendar where you can schedule your first custom mix critique (3 are included).
3. We'll schedule a 1 on 1 video consultation where I'll lay out a custom mixing road map tailored to meet your mixing needs (3 video sessions included).
4. I become your mixing accountability partner to ensure that you see results FAST. 
5. I train and coach you through each phase of the mixing process so that your next mix is your best mix!

Are you ready to deliver the best mix of your career? 
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An Investment Into Your Future Success

When I first began my mixing career I had a mentor who helped guide not only the product I was delivering to clients, but also the business side of things behind the scenes. When I launched my online business back in 2013 I had several mentors who helped me across the multiple facets of running an online business. Each time I hired a consultant I saw results at a much faster pace than when I was being stubborn and relying solely on Google and YouTube videos. Don't get me wrong! Being resourceful and hunting down answers to your many questions is incredibly valuable, but time is money and both are wasted when we have to filter to find good content in the sea of garbage online.

You Don't Need Courses. You Need Results.

I create online courses and I stand behind their value, but let's be real... 

There's nothing like 1 to 1 mentorship. What works best for someone might not work the best for YOU. This program is tailored to meet the needs of YOUR mixing skills.

The Gear Dilemma

Admit it... We love gear! Gear's great... It's fun... It's necessary (to a degree), but it's not what'll determine your success. Not even a little bit. 

My guess is that you already know that the true key to finding success in this crazy music business is having the ear, the experience, and the skills to know what to do with the gear. And I'm talking about the gear you already have. 

So What's the Answer?

I'm glad you asked! Simply put... It's learning to use the gear you already have. No... I'm not even talking about the racks of outboard gear that you may or may not own. I'm talking about your DAW, the stock plugins, and/or your handful of trusty/go-to plugins from your favorite plugin companies. That's it. That's exactly why I've created this program. To help you learn to mix with the gear you already own.

You Have Options...

1. You could find a local professional and pay for lessons (probably pretty pricey and depending upon where you live not all that convenient).
2. You could go to an audio school (yikes... $$$)
3. You could keep doing what you're doing and hope for results to come.


4. You could work 1 on 1 with me from the comfort of your studio to get honest and direct feedback about your mixes and receive a custom mixing game plan starting today!
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