The Mix Academy

Follow pro mix engineer, David Glenn as we mix a new song together each month.

Follow pro mix engineer, David Glenn as we mix a new song together each month.

You'll develop your skills, establish your sound, and release music that you can finally be proud of or you'll get your money back.

The secrets come out, but more importantly, the strategies and concepts you need to put it all together are revealed in an easy to follow educational environment.

Here's what you'll get and more...

♬   New resume building multitracks each month

♬   Access to the entire back catalog of monthly courses

♬   Mix prep and bonus tutorials to introduce you to my workflow

♬   My exact mix template available across multiple DAWs

♬   Huge collection of reverb IR's sampled from analog and digital hardware units

♬   Exclusive access to hundreds of tips and tricks videos

♬   Access to our private, members-only community

♬   Monthly Facebook Live calls to answer your questions

♬   Multiple bonus courses and an ever growing list of mini-courses

♬   Discounted pricing on video mix critiques
1. Are you dealing with less than perfect recordings?

2. Do you struggle to deliver the same quality as the industry's elite mixers?

3. Are you applying the same techniques as your favorite mixers only to come up short with what comes out of the speakers?
What if I told you that it's not entirely your fault that your mixes don't turn out the way that the pros do?


Yes. I'm serious... Look, I'm all for self-reflection and taking accountability for your own results, but how many times have you seen one of the top mixers in the industry use a certain EQ or compression technique and then tried it for yourself only to be miles off from the results that they produced?

Am I right?

You see, most of the sessions that the industry elite are working with have been recorded by seasoned engineers in incredible recording studios with tons of expensive outboard gear.

Trust me, it makes a huge difference...

In reality, outside of the top 2% of mixers, the rest of us mere mortals are dealing with sessions that may have a few good recordings, but overall lack quality (and in a lot of cases lack A LOT of quality).

The answer? You need to learn to deal with imperfect tracks. On one song it may be the drums, the next it may be the lead vocal, or a combination of many issues. The fact of the matter is if you don't practice mixing with less than stellar recordings it's going to be extremely tough to make your mixes stand out.

This is where The Mix Academy comes in.

Once inside the member's area, you'll find a wide range of recordings to work with. Some will be recorded extremely well, but almost every song we feature will present the exact challenges that you need to face in order to develop at any reasonable pace.

Sound intense? Fear not! I'll be there with you every step of the way presenting multiple ways to deal with these issues. I'm going to help simplify the process of mixing songs that present issues due to a sub-par recording process.

I've got you! So what are you waiting for? We've got work to do! 😉

Aspiring Mixing Engineer?

I built The Mix Academy to help aspiring mixers find the fast(er) track to becoming a professional mixing engineer. When I was coming up there were certainly resources for learning, but nothing like there is today. It's my goal to use the knowledge and skills I've acquired from my long road to success towards helping you reach the same level or even higher in your own career at a much faster pace.


♬   Establish or tweak your existing workflow to become more efficient

♬   Identify weak areas (low end management, vocals, dealing with poorly recorded tracks) and turn them into strengths

♬   Improve your use of effects (reverb, delay, etc.) and create your own style

♬   Build a strong resume in your preferred genre (or multiple genres)

♬   Increase your skill while decreasing the time it takes you to complete a mix (more money made with less time spent)
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Producer/Musician Looking to Deliver Awesome Mixes?

I've been in your shoes... I got my start in music as a guitarist and like many of you, I began to record out of necessity. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the process and pursue engineering full time before ultimately deciding to become a mixer.

I know the pain involved with trying to turn your work of art into something that sounds the way you hear it in your head. Inside The Mix Academy I'm going to help you simplify the process of mixing. You'll learn to feel your way through a mix and see it as the creative process that it truly is.


♬   Develop a strong foundation of mixing basics (gain staging, organization, etc.)

♬   Learn that the mix begins in the recording and production phases and help you focus on taking the record to completion

♬   Learn to use EQ, compression, and other tools of the trade as the creative tools that they are

♬   Improve your use of effects (reverb, delay, etc.) and create your own signature style

♬   Finalize mixes that will impress publishers, clients, and fans.
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Hobbyist or Part-Time Enthusiast?

Whether you're looking to improve the quality of your mixes to show off to your family and friends or you aspire to turn your hobby into a part-time gig, I'm confident that you'll grow rapidly with the help of The Mix Academy. I'm going to help you turn your mixes from messy and lifeless to polished and professional or I don't deserve your money. 😉

My Goals For You:

♬   Establish or tweak your existing workflow to become more efficient

♬   Identify weak areas (low end management, vocals, dealing with poorly recorded tracks) and turn them into strengths

♬   Improve your use of effects (reverb, delay, etc.) and create your own style

♬   Learn to use EQ, compression, and other tools of the trade as the creative tools that they are

♬   Make the sounds you hear in your head come to life in your mixes
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Stock Plugins vs Third-Party Companies

I get asked a lot about which plugins I use for mixing. In short, I use several stock plugins, but I also love third-party companies. I bring this up because in no way should that stop you from focusing on what's more important...

The TECHNIQUES used to deliver results in the mixing process.

If you simply watch a tutorial and copy the plugin settings, you're wasting precious time that you could be spending studying and learning to apply the concepts of mixing.

I'm here to help inspire you with ideas and show you the way, but more importantly, I'm here to introduce you to the concepts, strategies, and techniques that go into mixing so you can be effective at mixing a wide range of tracks.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you can feed him for a lifetime."
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Here's everything you'll receive when you sign up today:

♬  New song every month (full set of multitracks)

♬  In-depth mixing tutorials leaving no stone unturned

♬  Recap mixing videos breaking down each instrument's processing and theory

♬  Access to the very private TMA community

♬  Monthly Facebook Live calls where we'll hang out and answer your questions

♬  Seasonal mix contests and prizes (GEAR!)

♬  Hundreds of exclusive tutorials (searchable tips and tricks player)

BONUS 1: Mixing with Effects complete series - Mixing with Delay, Reverb, and Special FX ($147 value)

BONUS 2: Instant access to Jeremy Rosado's (American Idol) entire EP ($97 value)

BONUS 3: Mix Prep/Primer Series ($57 value)

BONUS 4: Access to the entire back catalog of TMA videos (Over $1,000 value)
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Get the Mixing with Effects Complete Series for Signing Up Today ($97 Value)

A new addition for members is my premium series on mixing with effects. Three courses worth $57 each are now available to stream and/or download in the members area. Your knowledge and use of effects will never be the same once you dive into this series featuring over 10 hours of in-depth video training.

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Instant Access to 4 Songs from American Idol Finalist, Jeremy Rosado's latest EP called, Rewind. ($97 Value)

You'll be able to download, mix, and then use these songs on your resume. A great mix is important to landing clients, but a great mix of a great song is even more valuable. 😉
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The Mix Prep/Primer Series - Fundamentals to a Great Mix ($57 Value)

From session prep and the pre-mixing basics all the way through to some sweet mixing tricks and advanced automation, the bonus primer series is your chance to take your mixes to another level, no matter your current skills.
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Access to the entire back catalog of The Mix Academy (Over $1,000 Value)

TMA launched back in November of 2014 and when you sign up today, you'll gain instant access to each and every session we've ever done here at TMA. You'll be able to download, mix, and then use these songs on your resume right away.

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Choose the annual membership at checkout and you'll receive the following bonuses. Available for a limited time.

Annual Bonus #1: Producing & Mixing Volume 1 (worth $97)

The first additional bonus annual members will receive is my premium course called, Producing & Mixing Vol.1.

Producing & Mixing Vol. 1 includes over 6 hours of in-depth training that begins with an interview with the artist and then takes you along for the ride of creating a full radio-ready release. From a rough song idea through to a complete production and then on to a finished mix & master, you’ll discover what it takes to create, edit, mix, and master your own productions in the digital age.

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Annual Bonus #2: Private/Custom Video Mix Critique (worth $97)

One of my most popular services, the custom video mix critique begins when you send me the wav file of one of your recent mixes.

I’ll listen to your mix in my studio, on headphones, and many other sources before constructing an in-depth mix critique full of notes to help you improve not just the song you submit, but your overall mixing skills.

In return for sending me your mix, I’ll deliver a 20-30 minute private tutorial for your eyes only breaking down my notes and thoughts to help you down the path to better mixes.

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Annual Bonus #3: 1 on 1 Skype Coaching Call (worth $147)

The third and final bonus Annual Members will receive is a one hour 1 on 1 coaching call. The call can be done via Skype, Facetime, etc. and YOU get to dictate the conversation. I’ll request your questions/agenda ahead of time and we’ll spend the entire hour focused on helping you improve your mixing or music as much as possible.

The coaching calls are exclusive to annual members and customers in my coaching program. They are no longer available for individual sale.
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What People Are Saying

After David's tutorials, I started getting paid clients. I took 2 years of audio school at a community college and then 4 years at OSU doing recording engineering. I learned more from 1 of David's courses than all 6 years combined!
I've spent time at Full Sail, working along side of other engineers, and countless hours in multi-million dollar rooms. But my biggest wins were when I watched you mix. Something about your workflow just made it all click together.
Tom C.
Ready to join the club?

100% Risk Free // 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that this training will help you step up your mixing skills. If however, for any reason you feel that you haven’t improved in any way, I will issue an immediate refund within 30 days, no questions asked.
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Do you accept PayPal?

Yes! PayPal is accepted! You can choose to use your credit or, if you prefer, your PayPal account to pay for your membership.

Am I able to use my mix for my resume/portfolio/website?

Absolutely! I encourage you to! We'll be covering a wide range of genres so that you can learn/grow across multiple styles of music.

You use Pro Tools? Do I have to also?

No way! I do use Pro Tools, but you can use ANY DAW. The files are 24 bit wav multitracks. You can import them into your DAW of choice and get straight to mixing. (I even label the tracks so that when you import them into your system you don't have to organize or label anything.) 😉

Does my membership include access to past month's content?

You bet! A recent addition to TMA is access to the entire back catalog. There's something for everyone as we've mixed something from every major genre.
Are the videos streaming only or can I download them?

You can do both! I offer streaming of the courses inside of the members area, but please feel free to download any/all videos.

Are you going to critique my mix each month?

Unfortunately, I can't promise that I'll be critiquing your mixes. I will be active in the forums and it's very possible that I'll be listening and chiming in with mix feedback, however, the community is filled with very capable engineers, ranging from beginners to pros. I know you'll be happy with the positive feedback and constructive criticism that you'll receive. I do however offer members a severely discounted rate on my ridiculously popular video mix critique service. Whether you jump on the critique or not, you're going to grow as a mixer or I don't deserve your money. 🙂

About David

Hi, I'm David Glenn and I'm a professional mix engineer from Orlando, FL currently residing in Colorado Springs, CO.

It's been over 20 years since I made the transition from musician to engineer/producer and then onto professional mixing engineer. I'm passionate about helping you reach your goals in mixing and I've built The Mix Academy to do just that.

I've been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented artists, including: Redimi2, Pablo Villatoro, Blanca Callahan (Group 1 Crew), LaRue Howard, Jeremy Rosado, Aimee Allen and many more.

I’m excited to help you advance in your musical endeavors. I’ve always loved teaching and I am confident that I can help you excel with the concepts and strategies that I cover in these tutorials.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.